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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episodes 22 & 23

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episodes 22 & 23- "The Other Side of This Life"

An encore of Thursday's two-hour special in which Addison takes leave from Seattle Grace and makes a road trip to L.A. to visit some old friends from med school.

As Meredith continues to bond with Thatcher's wife, Susan, Cristina plans her wedding with the aid of her mother, Helen, and Burke's mother, Mama Jane.

Meanwhile, Derek must perform emergency surgery on Ava/Jane Doe, as Alex continues his unfailing bedside manner with her.

Episode 22: greys.anatomy.s03e22.en.srt

Episode 23:
HDTV: greys.anatomy.s03e23.en.srt
HR: greys.anatomy.s03e23.hr.en.srt
720p: greys.anatomy.s03e23.720p.en.srt

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