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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

24 Season 6 Episode 22

24 Season 6 Episode 22 - "Day 6: 3:00AM to 4:00AM"

Jack runs a desperate tactic to free the CTU hostages from their captors. He manages to intercept Cheng, who plans to deliver Josh to his grandfather in exchange for the circuit board. Jack is forced to allow Cheng to escape in order to save Josh's life.

Lennox continues to monitor Lisa as she plants evidence for Mark to deliver to the Russians. The situation takes a nasty turn when all does not go according to plan. Meanwhile, Daniels tries to run a bluff on the Russian president, but finds he's playing a bad hand.

Nadia finds herself facing a hostile investigation over the security breech, while a decision from Daniels pits Doyle against Jack.

HDTV: 24.s06e22.en.srt
HR: 24.s06e22.hr.en.srt
720p: 24.s06e22.720p.en.srt

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