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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scrubs Season 6 Episode 21-22

Scrubs Season 6 Episode 21-22 - "My Rabbit" + "My Point Of No Return"

Kim moves in with J.D.in order to raise their child together.
J.D. learns from Turk and Dr. Cox that fatherhood changes the way of how to see things.
Carla complains to Elliot about her being a control freak when they prepare the bachelorette party.

In the season finale, J.D. and Elliot start thinking about their future and if they both made a mistake in not being with each other.
The Janitor activates the "Brain Trust" to come up with the perfect wedding gift for Elliot.

(HDTV) scrubs.s06e21-22.en.srt

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